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Who we cater for

Positive Vibes is relevant to any group of people – from support groups to health professionals, from NGOs and social clubs to companies and government departments - wishing to address HIV and AIDS. Our methods can be adapted to suit specific needs. However, to date, Positive Vibes has focussed on three distinct programme areas, each defined by the groups of people we work with. These are as follows:

  • An Empathy in Care programme, which focuses on building awareness and empathy amongst support and service personnel working with people living with and affected by HIV - including health care workers, NGO staff, and counsellors. The programme aims to sensitise this group in order that they may reflect on, and ultimately change practice to provide empathetic care and support to HIV-positive people and their families. The core training modules in this programme are Aids & Me, Stigma and Discrimination, and Treatment Literacy. We look to provide follow up mentoring and support in order to enhance change in service practice.
  • A Triple A (Acceptance, Awareness, Action) programme, which focuses on building the awareness, self-esteem, voice and ultimately action of HIV-positive people and those in their immediate social network (families, partners and friends). The programme begins with the personalisation of HIV through Aids & Me, and progresses to building knowledge, self-awareness and self-esteem through the Body Mapping, Stigma and Discrimination, and Treatment Literacy methods. "Voice" is then promoted through Positive Speaking training and the production of Participatory Media which, in turn, act as catalysts for action.
  • The Children's Voices programme aims at promoting the voices of vulnerable children, and creating an environment in which children's perspectives and participation are respected. This is achieved through the Foundation and Disclosure processes. Participating children then make themselves heard through their production of media. This programme is conducted in conjunction with organisations working in the field of children's rights, with a view to enabling children to participate more meaningfully in the promotion of a child rights agenda.