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Positive Vibes is an innovative HIV and AIDS communication initiative based in Namibia. We believe that those of us living with HIV are best placed to prevent the virus' further spread, which is why we strive to create a space for those living with and affected by HIV - you, me, our loved ones, friends and colleagues - to address the epidemic at an individual, family and community level.

Positive Vibes has been adapting, piloting and implementing innovative, participatory and PLWHA-led approaches to HIV and AIDS communication for five years.

  • These approaches:
  • Build confidence and self-esteem so that we can come to
    terms with HIV and get on with our lives.
  • Develop our knowledge and skills to deal with HIV and
    AIDS in both practical and emotional ways.
  • Give voice to the experiences of those of us at the sharp
    end of the AIDS epidemic, with a view to shaping
    decision-making at all levels of society.

When combined, the approaches outlined on this website form a process that can change the way we view and respond to HIV and AIDS.

Many of the Positive Vibes facilitators are people living with HIV, who bring a unique perspective to Positive Vibes through their personal experience and knowledge of the epidemic.