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Participatory Media and Communication: Keeping it real

Our Aim: To enable people living with and directly affected by HIV and AIDS to produce media that allows decision makers and a wider public to better understand and respond to the realities of living with HIV.

Duration: 5 to 20 days (depending on process selected, and usually spread out over several months)

There are few people who do not relish the opportunity to produce their own media. Putting someone in control of this process has an incredibly empowering effect. No one is better placed to talk about living with HIV than those of us living with the virus. However, people living with and directly affected by HIV rarely have access to media and communication channels.

Positive Vibes is developing and applying participatory approaches to media production that allow those living with HIV to be heard and better understood. These participatory approaches are designed both to build the confidence of participants, and to assist them in tackling problems they face.

Media forms used to date include photography, radio programmes and video diaries.