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Children's Voices
Children should be seen and heard

Our Aim: To facilitate dialogue between children and adults around the needs of children in the context of HIV and AIDS.

Children's Voices combines child-centred learning and participatory communication techniques to advance children’s rights. By creating a safe space in which children can express themselves, Children’s Voices challenges the notion that children should be seen but not heard. In so doing, Children’s Voices allows adults to better understand and respond to the needs of children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Three approaches, developed during a series of pilot projects, are available under the Children's Voices banner:

  • Foundation Phase
  • Participatory Media
  • Disclosure

Foundation Phase

Our Aim: To enable children to explore their lives in the context of HIV and AIDS, and to begin expressing themselves on issues of concern to them.
Duration: 5 – 10 days

Again, children and adults with direct influence over their lives (“caregivers” such as parents, relatives, teachers, community leaders and health care workers) are taken through a parallel process in preparation for the dialogue that will ensue. Although in this case, the dialogue is initiated by the children by way of media that they produce.

Media forms used to date include photography, radio programmes and video diaries. The workshop combines therapeutic interview, art and narrative to enable participants to learn more about a person’s inner world and everyday life.