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Our Aim: to enable HIV positive parents to disclose their own and their children's HIV status to children, and thereby break the silence that often exists around HIV and AIDS within the home.

Duration: 7-10 days per each group of adults and children (usually spread over a period of two months)

Children growing up in the world today need to know how to express themselves, relate to others, make informed choices, resolve conflicts, cope with stress and adjust to change. As educators and people in helping professions, we need to know is how to facilitate the acquisition of the people skills children require.

Working with parents and children in parallel, Positive Vibes prepares parents to disclose their HIV status to their children, while at the same time preparing children to receive this news. The approach has the following components:

The children participate in a series of workshops focusing on life skills that strengthen the children’s resilience, enable them to build a strong peer network and prepare them for disclosure. Workshop exercises are designed to:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Redirect children’s behaviour
  • Explore the concepts and consequences of
  • Enhance child-centeredness
  • Encourage dialogue and mutual support between
    the children