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Body Mapping: Body mapping and peer councelling - Mind, body and soul...

Our Aim: To enable us to express and deal with emotions associated with HIV and AIDS through art and peer counselling.

Duration: 3 to 5 days

Inspired by 'body mapping' initiatives elsewhere, this approach was designed specifically for groups of HIV-positive people. But it can be used with any group of people affected by the epidemic.

Applying the arts of listening and painting, the Positive Vibes’ body mapping workshop allows participants to explore and express their feelings around HIV and AIDS.

Peer counselling training is integrated into the body mapping exercises so that group members can support each other in dealing with the release of feelings.

The completed body maps are a powerful testimony to the lives and struggles of participants, and can be used for exhibition and publication as a way of raising awareness about the triumphs and challenges people living with and affected by HIV face in their daily lives.